Floating Beaver Wheel Shop


409 Buffalo Street, Beaver, PA, USA

Western Pennsylvania’s original Onewheel service destination. Stocking products from Hoosier, TFL, Badgerwheel, Armordilloz & more.

The repair shop and website wasn’t planned. I started helping people after forcing myself to learn as much as I could about Onewheel repair. It was a bit organic but I hooked up with the Stokelife Service immediately after I heard about the network early on once I knew I planned to continue to be the local repair guy. I’ve been proud to help riders keep their boards running supporting the Stoke Life Service network! While mainly a side gig for me, I enjoy meeting so many area riders and sharing the stoke. I’m glad to be able to help. I’ve stocked up on the products that I believe in and support and I try to make everyones trip to my shop worth their while in product options, onewheel information and top quality workmanship.

Services offered

accessory install, battery service, bearing/motor, bumper change, controller repair, detailing, frame service, grip tape change, lights/electrical, tire change, tire protection, waterproofing, cosmetic upgrade

Floating Beaver Wheel Shop