Zesty Zebra Repairs

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Chicago, IL

Chicago’s go-to guy for all things Onewheel! Live-streamed tune ups, tire changes, badgering, battery mods, bearing swaps, repairs and more!

Chicago-based Onewheel and PEV (personal electric vehicle, i.e. electric skateboards, EUC, scooters) service center. Think of an auto body shop. Your car requires regular, preventative maintenance to live it’s best life. While your Onewheel may feel like a wooden skateboard or snowboard, it’s design is actually closer to a car’s. Suffice it to say you get out what you put in. Your relationship with your Onewheel can be as simple as pressing the power button on and off and charging it, or you can take it apart to see what components are on their way out and tune up your ride for optimal performance. If you’re more of the “I just turn it on, ride, and charge” kinda guy, and you don’t have time or tools to maintain your Onewheel, but you have a couple bucks you can spare, consider Tire Sire as your other half that makes you whole :)

Services offered

battery service, bearing/motor, bumper change, controller repair, frame service, grip tape change, lights/electrical, tire change, tire protection, waterproofing, cosmetic upgrade

Zesty Zebra Repairs