Basic membership requirements

360 check

We do this basic check on checkin and checkout of a device. This ensures that the customer cannot debate the state of the PEV after the fact. It also ensures a basic level of consistent service from all of us. It means we will build a service history database of all PEVs in the network. Please use this every time you take a PEV in for service.


This minimal tools list is necessary to be able to make repairs. Make sure you have all of these in your setup at all times:

  • sturdy table/work bench

  • device to secure board during repair

  • 5 gallon bucket

  • air compressor

  • plastic tire spoons

  • footpad/hall sensor removal tools

  • needle nose pliers with 90 degree right angled end

  • small phillips head screw driver

  • large phillips head screw driver

Minimal services

You must be able to complete this list of services for clients:

  • plate Install

  • fender Install

  • bumper Install

  • grip tape change

  • tire change

  • front pad install

  • rail Install