Need your device fixed?

Bearing Change

Bumper Install

Battery Service

Stripped Screw Repair

Grip Tape Change

Tire Change

Motor Repair

Fix it

Front Pad Install

Rail Install

Fangs Install

Ranger Install

VnR Install


Pimp it

Armor-Dilloz Install

Badger Waterproofing Installation

Badger Bearing Seal

Bearing Grease Application

Plate Install

Fender Install

Protect it

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Stokelife Service Network

Stokelife service centres cannot honour your PEV's warranty. If your device is under warranty you can contact the manufacturer directly to seek covered repair

A global network of personal electric vehicle repair centres

Managed by riders, for riders

Our centres service eboards, ebikes, escooters, EUCs, Onewheels and other personal electric vehicles - check your local centre